#loveme challenge – Day One

  I’m not usually one to do challenges but I like the idea of this one.  Partly, because I (like most women) rarely acknowledge the stuff about myself I do like, and am over critical about the stuff I don’t.  I also like this as I think it shines a light mental health and how easy it is to fall into hating yourself.
The big reason I’m doing this, though, is because now I’m on the “weight loss train”, I think it’s time to help myself accept the things I can’t change.  Oh sure, a smaller stomach and a fitter lifestyle is achievable, but there are things about myself (physically and mentally) that won’t change no matter what I eat or how hard I work out.

That being said, however, I’m quite a negative person in general. I don’t know when that started. I remember back in high school I’d get comments on how positive I was.  I guess getting treated poorly in the workforce, suffering loss and generally just letting life wear me down is what caused it.  I feel that by having to sit down and do this challenge, it will force me to think more positively.  And anything that can do that is worth doing!


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