Time to Change – Day Four

Today was hard.  Not in the same sense as yesterday, which was where I felt exhausted and had a migraine…thankfully.  But the cravings started, which in some aspects, is worse.  Being tired and sore I can deal with, but cravings…those have always been my downfall.

It started off okay.  My usual eggs for breakfast, then off to a job interview.  On the way back I noticed I’d become hungry (a lot earlier than the past three days), but I tried to ignore it as it was still quite early.  The naughty thoughts started creeping in – “God what I wouldn’t give for a donut right now” (I don’t know what it is about donuts lately but I can’t get enough of them) – but it was easy enough to push away.  I came home and went on a 40 minute walk, refusing to believe I could actually be that hungry.  After I got back, I ate a healthy lunch, and for the moment it was fine.

By about 2pm, I was starving again, despite having a bigger lunch than the previous three days.  Again, I tried to ignore it, and got on with my day.  Another job interview.  I successfully ignored my hunger the whole way there and forgot about it during it.  On the way home the cravings came back with a vengeance – “I could just swing by Maccas, it’d be so easy!  Or I could pick up a pizza!” – and it took a lot of willpower not to do it, especially when I was stuck in peak hour traffic and my stomach was getting pretty annoyed at it’s lack of attention.

I ate dinner soon after I got home (about an hour ago now) and I’m hungry all over again.  I know this is just my body trying to adjust to not having stacks of calories and sugar, but man, it’s a horrible feeling to be perpetually hungry.  Especially when you’re trying your hardest to be good and not overeat!

I know this is just another step in the process and I’m not going to let it break me.  I just hope this doesn’t go on forever!


3 thoughts on “Time to Change – Day Four

  1. Potato Pizza Burger

    Ugh. Eating healthy can be so hard. Just this morning, I had to choose between eating wheat bread and eating cheesy potato chips. Unfortunately, the chips won. 😦

    I’m gonna have to get me some tasty healthy snacks to help get over the cravings…

    Hang in there!


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