#loveme challenge – Day Seven


Day Seven – “One Thing that Is Just For You”.

Wow.  This is probably the toughest one yet.  I’m not sure if it means an object or a habit/action.  I’m guessing because this whole challenge is based around positive thoughts and acknowledging the good, it’s probably the latter.  I’m not sure encouraging materialism is all that positive (though I don’t care what anyone says, having a shiny new gadget is a great feeling!).

So, one thing I do just for me.  I guess I only have one thing I can put in here right now.  Given the no income issue, almost all the stuff I’d usually do regularly (going to the cinemas, eating out, going for long drives etc) aren’t feasible.  I have kept up one creature comfort, however, and that’s getting my nails done.  I only started doing this six months ago (although I had wanted to try it for a long while).  I know it might seem crazy to sink $50 into it every 3-4 weeks when I don’t have a job and rarely leave the house (save for going to job interviews and walking the dog around the neighborhood) but honestly, I love having them on and it makes me feel like I have control over at least some of my body and how it looks.  It also helps with my eczema – even though they’re quite long, fakies are also really dull and makes it harder to scratch yourself stupid.  Prior to getting them done, it wasn’t uncommon for me to wake up with scratch marks on my face like I’d been the victim of an attack.  I had been…an attack of being itchy my sleep.  Now, I never wake up like that because I physically can’t do that much damage.

I love all the different options you have with them, in terms of colours and shapes and length.  I’m a sucker for sparkles and I love how well-done they always turn out.  I also think (or maybe use as an excuse) that it makes me look more professional in job interviews.  It makes me appear more well-presented, and gives them a little taste of my personality, which doesn’t usually shine too brightly in such a formal, awkward environment.

Before you start, I know how bad it is for my nails.  They’re paperthin and brittle as hell, which kind of sucks because before this all started, I had really strong nails.  Part of me thinks after I get them done “this will be the last time, I won’t redo them after this” but I inevitably do.  I enjoy them too much, it’s helping with my skin condition and – honestly – I’m dreading having to go through the brittle-nail phase.  I know if and when I stop getting them done, my nails will eventually grow stronger and back to normal, but the in-between phase isn’t going to be fun.  So I keep going back and redoing them, putting off the inevitable.  #procrastinator4lyf



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