#loveme challenge – Day Ten


Day 10 – Share a Secret

Hmmmm.  This is a tough one.  I’m a pretty open person, so if something is secret it’s for a good reason.  I think I’ve been pretty honest in this blog – a lot more so than I’d originally anticipated – which is making answering this question hard.  I guess the post I wrote yesterday was something I’d previously kept very much to myself.  I recently lost my job for something stupid and something I shouldn’t have done, but the reason it got found out (in part, anyway) was because I put my trust in someone I shouldn’t have.  That’s always been my problem, no matter how many times I get burned because of it – I always look for the good in people and always want to trust everyone.  It has gotten me in trouble many times and maybe after this latest incident, I’ll have finally learnt my lesson.  Maybe.


5 thoughts on “#loveme challenge – Day Ten

  1. Yes that was most unfortunate to put your trust in someone….that’s why they are called learning curves….I always try to see the best in people also, however most people are only thinking about how they can make themselves look better or get ahead…and not mind walking on your back while doing it….but one door closes for another on to open….live and learn….thanks for stopping by my blog…I look forward to following you….know I need to what job your gonna get…LOL and I agree secrets are called that for a reason….kathy


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