“Who is your favourite literary character of all-time?”

My favourite literary character of all time is Ellie Linton, the heroine from John Marsden’s the Tomorrow Series and later, the Ellie Chronicles.  A character a lot of Australians would know well.


I first read the series when I was about twelve after a recommendation from my Grade 5 teacher.  I initially didn’t think much of it.  I was young, what could I possibly like about a series based around a war?  Little did I know it would become my favourite series ever, one I’d read over and over again.

All the characters in it are great and relatable in some respects.  Fi is the innocent friend, the one you hate to see hurt the most.  Robyn is the religious friend, who is caught between her faith and her loyalties.  Lee is the smart one, who can sometimes be a little socially awkward.  Corrie is the faithful best friend, always there with a shoulder to cry on.  Kevin is the outspoken one, who let’s his words get him into trouble as much as get him out of it.  Homer is the boisterous one, the good guy with a rebellious front.  The reason I love Ellie most of all though, is because she’s the bravest and the toughest, even in her weakest moments.  Where Fi and Robyn show bravery then fall apart, Ellie doesn’t let herself do that.  Not only that, but she’s incredibly selfless, and always puts her friends first, even when it could cost her her life.  That kind of loyalty is something usually reserved for male characters.  In saying all this, though, she isn’t some sort of war robot.  She’s constantly torn between what’s right and what needs to be done, and sometimes she gets it wrong.

I love the character because it shows that it’s okay to be scared, to make mistakes, to be human.  It shows girls can be brave.  It shows girls don’t always need men around to protect them.  She’s fiery and strong and a leader, a character that I believe has shaped me into someone I’m always striving to become.  I don’t believe the books would be half as powerful to read if a male was the narrator.  It would be just another war series.  John Marsden made a fantastic choice when he put Ellie in the driver’s seat!

Who’s your favourite literary character?


7 thoughts on ““Who is your favourite literary character of all-time?”

    1. Nah, I don’t think so 😟 if you’re into torrenting you can find the audio books free on pirate Bay (or at least, they were there) but pretty sure you’d have to pay for the books no matter where you got them.


  1. These sounds intriguing. I’ll have to see if it is available in the USA. πŸ™‚ I love relatable literary characters. I think some favorite for Y.A. when I was a child were Lurlene McDaniel’s books/characters, for some reason I was obsessed in 6th grade, and then as I’ve come into adulthood, JK Rowling, Brian Selznick, and Kate DiCamillo’s characters always inspire me, and are quoted in my classroom. πŸ™‚ Yay for literary characters we love! ❀

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  2. There are so many….I was a huge Harry fan….I still remember how much I enjoyed the books and then the movies…I find that I read series too and get very involved in the books and miss My people, in the books after I finish…to many to name….good question….kat

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