Versatile Blogger Award

I was nominated by startwithsparkles a little while ago (thanks heaps!).  Any sort of award or recognition is always a nice surprise, especially since this blog is relatively young compared to most people’s.

The basis of this award is simple – write seven facts about yourself, and nominate fifteen people who you think deserve this award.  If you want to read up on it some more, click here.

1. I’m currently sitting on my comfy couch in comfy clothes, watching a rerun of Bones (one of my favourite shows ever), loving that it’s a Tuesday but I don’t have work because it’s a public holiday.  Yay for getting paid today to do nothing!
2. I hate chores just as much as I did when I was fourteen, and I still avoid them at all costs.  Today, I have washed the dishes, mowed the lawn and washed the bedsheets.  That is some kind of miracle for me!
3. Today, I placed my first ever order for Lite N Easy.  At the moment I’m just doing dinners, and I’ll just eat healthy for breakfast and lunch.  I’m surprised by the versatility of the menu options – coming from a fussy eater, that’s a great thing!  I’m just hoping the food tastes good and not like frozen dinners usually do.
4. A house is slowly being built next door to mine, and it’s actually quite educational.  I’m seeing how an empty lot turns into a house, one step at a time.  Given I’m going to be building my own soon, this education is going to come in handy!
5. I’ve only started drinking alcohol within the past year, and I’m only beginning to learn what drinks I do and don’t like.  My new current favourite is Strawberry Midori.  Mmmm, so good.
6. I can’t even deal with the fact Christmas is a month and a half away.  Didn’t 2015 just start?
7. My absolute favourite thing about summer is the smell of BBQs in the evening.  It reminds me of childhood, and trips to Bunnings, and all sorts of fun gatherings that I’ve been to which involved standing around (or near) the outdoor cooker.  Plus, BBQ’d meat always tastes better than cooking it normally.  Always.

My fifteen nominees are:
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If you’ve got some time to kill, I suggest having a look at these bloggers! 🙂


“When Did You First Realise You Were a Writer?”

I don’t really remember when I first knew…I just always sort of have been.  I remember writing stories and drawing pictures for them when I was really little, and getting mum to print them out and I’d show my grandparents.  I remember one in particular was about two aliens.  I wish I had of kept it.

I guess writing just went hand-in-hand with my reading habits.  I was an extremely avid reader as a child.  I’d average between 2-3 books a week when I was about ten.  I’d borrow dozens of books from the library at a time.  When I wasn’t reading, I was writing, or imagining stories and drawing pictures.  I loved creating little worlds and characters and back stories.

As I entered high school, my reading habits died off a little bit, replaced with socialising and playing computer games.  With it also went my writing.  I enjoyed English classes and always excelled in them, but that was about the only writing I did, save for the occasional first chapter of a story I’d start then never go back to.  In year 10, I started writing poetry and songs as I tried to get back into it.  At the time I thought they were pretty good, but I’ve since looked back on them and they weren’t at all.

I’ve also dabbled in blogging on and off since I was about 16, first starting on MySpace, then Facebook, then on various other sites.  I never stuck with it all that long.  That’s my issue.  I get creative urges and then it goes away and I lose interest.  I think this blog is different because I am writing whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like, and I’m not linking it to my social media accounts, so I have an anonymity and a freedom that my previous blogs never did.  It makes things easier as I don’t feel like I need to sensor what I write or worry about what anyone is thinking.

I’d still love to write properly one day.  I think I’d be pretty good at it.  I just never know what to start, and I’m worried I’d start and lose interest like I always do.  For the moment, this blog will do.  I’m enjoying it a lot 🙂

This prompt, and many more, can be found here.