#loveme challenge – Day Six


Day Six – “A Letter to Your Future Self”.

Hi me!
Well, it’s your thirtieth birthday.  Congratulations, you didn’t die!  That’s definitely a plus!  I’ll be honest, 30 sounds like so long away that it blows my mind.  It’s actually less than five years away.  Seems like only yesterday I was 20, so really, it isn’t that far off.  I guess you already know that though, huh?
There are so many uncertainties in my life right now.  Where have you wound up?  Are you enjoying your work?  Have you met anyone?  Are kids on the horizon?  I hope so.  I know right now kids are something I envision in the future.  Is that still a dream for you?
Right now, as I said, things are pretty up in the air.  I’m going through one of the toughest times in my life so far, something I hope never to have to repeat again.  Do me a favour and have a look around.  You’re probably in your own house, your (hopefully) employed and maybe you’ve even got a partner.  No matter what else is happening, realize that you’ve got it good.  You have a tendency of letting yourself be dragged down by small things – don’t!  You have so much to be thankful for, so step back and smile.
How’s your weight going?  I hope the hard work I’m putting in now has worked, and lasted.  If it has, go us!  If it hasn’t, now is the time to try again.  It isn’t fun but we can’t be unhealthy forever.
Did you wind up going back to uni?  I know I’m considering it right now.  I don’t know what to study, but it’s on my mind.  Tell me, did I (finally) chose to study something worthwhile?  Something that lead to a career you love?  If it didn’t, it’s not too late to find something you do!  I know 30 may seem too old to change, and you’re probably comfortable in the job you’re in, but you’ve made that mistake once before.  Don’t let it happen again!  Break the cycle!
How’s the dog going?  I hope she’s still happy, healthy and playful.  She’s helped you get through a lot, so give her an extra hug.  She deserves it!
Most of all, never forget the struggles you’ve gone through and the people who helped you through them.  This has all shaped you into who you are.  If you haven’t spoken to these people in awhile, grab the phone and do it.  I’m sure they’ll be happy you did!
Love from 2015,

#loveme challenge – Day One

  I’m not usually one to do challenges but I like the idea of this one.  Partly, because I (like most women) rarely acknowledge the stuff about myself I do like, and am over critical about the stuff I don’t.  I also like this as I think it shines a light mental health and how easy it is to fall into hating yourself.
The big reason I’m doing this, though, is because now I’m on the “weight loss train”, I think it’s time to help myself accept the things I can’t change.  Oh sure, a smaller stomach and a fitter lifestyle is achievable, but there are things about myself (physically and mentally) that won’t change no matter what I eat or how hard I work out.

That being said, however, I’m quite a negative person in general. I don’t know when that started. I remember back in high school I’d get comments on how positive I was.  I guess getting treated poorly in the workforce, suffering loss and generally just letting life wear me down is what caused it.  I feel that by having to sit down and do this challenge, it will force me to think more positively.  And anything that can do that is worth doing!