Time to Change – Day Sixty-Four

First off, I know I’ve been away for awhile. ¬†I could say I was too busy but that’s not really true. ¬†Honestly, I just haven’t been in the mood to write. ¬†It’s not writers block…I had plenty of stuff I¬†could¬†have written on, I just had no motivation to do it. ¬†I wasn’t going to force myself to do it because I know that’s a surefire way to burn myself out all together and I really enjoy blogging generally, so I didn’t want to risk that. ¬†I’ll try and write more this week!

Anyway, it’s been so long since I wrote that I feel like I don’t know where to start. ¬†I left off getting ready for an upcoming wedding of one of my best friend’s sisters. ¬†The wedding was really nice, outside in a Heritage Listed property in it’s fancy gardens. ¬†The only issue I (and most people) had was that where we were sitting was in direct sunlight, so it was kind of uncomfortable squinting to see what was going on. ¬†Oh, and there weren’t enough seats, which is kind of weird. ¬†Both things that¬†the venue would have been in charge of, I’d assume, so they probably should have known better and pre-planned to accomodate it. ¬†The reception was held in the same venue but in a hall. ¬†They used wooden Scrabble pieces to spell out people’s names (which was really cute) and had a little bag of custom lollies with their names and their wedding date on them. ¬†The food was really nice too, though in typical Wedding fashion, was really small. ¬†I had prawns as an entree (three of them), duck for main (one small leg) and creme brule for dessert (this was the biggest meal of the three, and the first time I’d had it. ¬†It was nice). ¬†I was worried the whole day I’d get a headache, as big outings like this generally trigger them (I have no idea why) and I’d forgotten to pack painkillers. ¬†Right on cue at about dinner time, the first symptoms had started. ¬†I think maybe my blood sugar was low, and the champagne wasn’t helping, because once I’d eaten dessert the headache went away pretty quickly.

It was awesome hanging out with two of my best friends, and we all looked so dressed up and mature. ¬†Mature isn’t something we really pride ourselves on when we’re together though, so after dessert we headed off to the closest Pancake Parlour to eat a proper meal. ¬†I¬†love¬†Pancake Parlour. ¬†Sure, everything is full of sugar or fat but it tastes so amazing! ¬†Plus, several of the shops are open 24/7, which has come in handy a couple of times in my life. ¬†It was a great day, all in all, aside from the fact it was held on a Sunday night and I had work the next morning. ¬†Surprisingly, despite going to bed hours later than usual, I pulled up okay. ¬†Win!


My favourite meal from Pancake Parlour – Chocolate Chip Pancakes!

Speaking of food, my diet once again flew out the window this week. ¬†I started buying lunch again and while I could have found a lot more unhealthy options, the stuff I bought still wasn’t great. ¬†I don’t even know why I started buying lunch, as I’d packed food. ¬†It’s a slippery slope though, and once I started, I wound up doing it every day. ¬†My diet over the weekend hasn’t been much better either. ¬†At least my dinner’s (aside from last night) have all been Lite n Easy ones, so I didn’t go completely crazy.

My diet properly starts again tomorrow, to coincide with my starting work at my real store, after training up for over a month at a different one. ¬†It was sad saying goodbye to everyone there, and they all had such nice things to say to me considering I’d only been there for a short time. ¬†I even got flowers and a cake! ¬†I doubt I’d have gotten that at my old job after five years.


It’ll be really weird rocking up to a new store and team tomorrow. ¬†I mean, I knew it was coming but I’ve gotten so used to the team at the other store. ¬†I’ve met a handful of people from my real store but given how many staff are going to be working there, I feel like it’s going to take my a¬†long¬†time to meet everyone, and even longer to remember their names.

We aren’t opening officially until Tuesday week, so in the lead up to that we’re doing dress rehearsals and dry runs to get a feel for the store and make sure everything works correctly and flows like it should. ¬†I’m glad they’ve included this (even though I initially laughed at it) because it means I’m not jumping directly from one store to the other and had to try to adjust straight away. ¬†I had a bit of time to work out the differences (and there’s going to be a lot¬†of them) and to settle into the new team.

As it’s in the city, I know my step count is automatically going to be higher than it has been while working in a shopping centre, so I’m just going to make sure I eat healthy and hopefully my diet will get back on track. ¬†In preparation, I bought myself a lunchbox and a big glass water bottle. ¬†While I’m sure the new store will have fridges and a water fountain (hell, they’re even giving us access to a free squishy machine in the back room!), I know if I rely on that stuff, I’ll be tempted to leave my lunch in the fridge and go buy food instead, and I’ll forget to drink water. ¬†If I’m lugging it to and from work, I think I’ll be more inclined to eat it.

All weekend I’ve been rekindling my love for SimCity 4. ¬†I know a lot of people think it’s terrible (and parts of it definitely are) but overall, once you get used to the interface, it’s fun and interesting and full of challenges. ¬†I initially played it when it first came out, but got frustrated with their unreliable servers causing the game to drop out and not save sometimes hours worth of progress, and eventually gave up. ¬†I briefly got back into it when the expansion pack was released but that didn’t last long either. ¬†It had been so long since I played it, I initially struggled to remember where everything was (there are¬†so many¬†menus and buttons) and had to google where to find things. ¬†Eventually though, it all came back to me and I started playing properly again. ¬†The servers seem a lot better now (so it should, the game has been out for two years now!) but online isn’t as fun any more because it doesn’t have many active players. ¬†Luckily that isn’t an imperative part of it so it was still fun. ¬†So much so I lost about twelve hours (probably more) of my weekend to it. ¬†That’s also another reason why I didn’t blog – I knew I should, but I just couldn’t switch off the game. ¬†I found ways to make heaps of money so it was a lot of fun spending it all then trying to juggle the repercussions of it.

The other part of my weekend was spent watching YouTube tutorials on how to use my hair straightener to curl my hair. ¬†It’s something I’ve been wanting to learn¬†forever (as my family friend/hairdresser used to do it to my hair and I’d never managed to replicate it). ¬†I had moderate success with it after watching the tutorials, though I’m still not great at it. ¬†I’ll practice it a bit more as I think I want my hair done nicely for the store’s grand opening. ¬†I’ve got a week and a bit to get it down pat!

I don’t think much else is new. ¬†I’ll definitely update you on how tomorrow (and the rest of the week) goes, both with the new store and my diet! ūüôā

Time to Change – Day Fifty-Three

Before I talk about my day, I just want to say a massive thank you to all the people that take the time to read this blog, comment, like and basically just show their support. ¬†I’ve hit four¬†big milestones all at once: 500¬†likes, 100 followers, 100 blog posts and 1000 views. ¬†All within the last three days. ¬†I know that doesn’t seem like much compared to other people’s blogs, but keep in mind I only started this three months ago. ¬†I think that’s pretty awesome! ¬†So thanks guys. ¬†Your support means a lot to me!

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.42.17 PMIMG_0115

Anyway, today went better than yesterday in pretty much every way. ¬†Although I struggled to get out of bed (the struggle seems to get worse every morning!), I managed to get into the car by 8, and thankfully the traffic was pretty good today, unlike yesterday where it was the worst it’s been in a couple of weeks. ¬†I rocked up at 8.45, and despite being rostered to start at that time, I took the time to google ‘is it better to eat an unhealthy breakfast or none at all?’, the verdict being unhealthy trumps none. ¬†So I took another five minutes to grab an apple and cinnamon muffin from the closest coffee shop, then headed into work. ¬†As expected, nobody even noticed I was technically five minutes late (I put this down to the fact that I’m not on their roster so they just trust that I’m rocking up and leaving when I’m supposed to). ¬†The day wasn’t crazy busy like yesterday, so I felt more relaxed and got everything done I needed to, plus I learnt a few things I hadn’t managed to touch on yet. ¬†That always makes me feel like the day was worth it, as I know soon enough I’ll be chucked into the deep end when I start at my “real” store.

I ate healthy at lunch, aside from a Coke Zero. ¬†I’ve only had two soft drinks in the past two weeks, and while I know they’re bad, I think me going almost cold turkey on them is pretty impressive. ¬†Six months ago, I would have Diet Coke at least once a day, sometimes more. ¬†While I never felt addicted, I know when I initially stopped, I began getting migraines a lot more frequently. ¬†I guess I was kind of addicted. ¬†Since starting this diet journey, I’ve cut back a lot¬†and honestly, I don’t miss it much. ¬†I mean, I still love the taste and occasionally I crave them (like today), but mostly drinking water or milk satisfies me and I don’t really think about it. ¬†The only reason I really craved it today was because two people at work got bottles at lunch and I was staring at them while I was on break. ¬†Like I’ve spoken about previously, advertising is a lot more powerful than I realized. ¬†All it takes is for me to see a logo at the wrong time and I really struggle. ¬†I’m definitely getting better at fighting it and breaking habits though. ¬†Every day I’m feeling stronger and fighting it is becoming easier.

As I left work, I was thinking about the advertising thing again. ¬†As I walked through the carpark to my car, I could smell take away. ¬†It smelt exactly like McDonalds (though I’m pretty sure it was actually coming from the Red Rooster nearby) and all I wanted right then and there was McNuggets and fries. ¬†As I’d just been thinking about the whole advertising thing as this happened, I knew exactly why I’d been struggling so much these past few weeks. ¬†I’m sure subconsciously each night after work I was smelling that smell and my brain suddenly wanted nothing more than my favourite junk food. ¬†That alone wouldn’t matter, however the drive home requires me to drive past my usual Maccas pitstop, and it’s extremely difficult for me to control myself. ¬†Tonight though, I did. ¬†Tonight, despite having wicked cravings, I refused to give into them. ¬†I knew breaking the habit required me to overcome this pattern, and I knew it had to start now. ¬†And you know what? ¬†Once I drove past, it quickly left my mind. ¬†Despite knowing that there are Maccas everywhere – including 3kms from my house – once I went past my usual store, I no longer craved it. ¬†It is all about habits, and I am starting to break this one. ¬†I was extremely happy with myself. ¬†Diet, 1, Junk Food, 0 (not counting the Coke at lunch…if it’s an constellation, it’s zero calories? ¬†I know, I know, it’s still terrible for you. ¬†But gimme a break).

Once I got home, I had to decide which Lite n Easy meal I was going to make. ¬†This is a tough choice for someone so indecisive! ¬†I finally landed on the “tortilla stack”, mostly out of curiosity. ¬†I mean, I knew what they¬†were,¬†but this was one of my riskier choices as Mexican food is full of so many things I’m not generally a fan of. ¬†My mind wasn’t put at ease once I’d zapped it microwave and pulled it out. ¬†There were three kinds of beans, and some green vegetables that I didn’t recognise. ¬†The old me probably would have said “nope!” and make spaghetti instead. ¬†The new me said “fuck it, let’s do this” and I didn’t regret it. ¬†It was delicious! ¬†The beans didn’t have much taste (even the chickpeas were okay and I usually detest the yellow devils) and the sauce/salsa was awesome. ¬†Plus, I really felt like I was eating healthy food. ¬†I mean, I know that’s the whole idea behind LnE, but I could see the beans and veggies. ¬†Needless to say, after five meals so far, I’m extremely impressed with the quality of the food this program offers. ¬†For microwave food, it’s actually really great, and the variety is second to none. ¬†Living by myself, I’d alternate between about four different dishes and that’s it. ¬†There are only so many options that don’t require a lot of cooking (that results in leftovers for days) or crappy microwave meals. ¬†While I know LnE is slightly more expensive than making dinner at home (okay, a fair bit more), I’m okay with the price knowing it’s healthy, it’s quick, it tastes great and it’s convenient. ¬†And no, I’m not sponsored by them. ¬†I wish I was. ¬†Then I’d get it for free and I’d love that. ¬†No such luck though!

After dinner, I spent a whole hour cleaning the house. ¬†That is a long¬†time for me, but I was in a good headspace tonight so it actually felt kind of good. ¬†I vacuumed, and was amazed (as usual) at the amount of dog hair I got up. ¬†Retrievers sure know how to drop hair!¬† I also cleaned up the backyard, wiped down the windows, cleaned the benches, put away the dishes and took out the rubbish. ¬†I’m so domesticated!

Ha, not really. ¬†But the house is looking pretty damn good. ¬†I think the inspection should go okay tomorrow. ¬†If it doesn’t, I’m not too concerned. ¬†They can’t do very much…nothing is actually damaged, and given that, I’m sure if they find anything I can fix it up.

I’m in the city tomorrow for training. ¬†My third round of this. ¬†I did a whole day on the topic three weeks ago at induction, a refresh last week and now I have another whole day on it. ¬†I’m all for learning new things, but I think a third day on the same stuff is a little overkill. ¬†Oh well, nothing much I can do about it. ¬†At least I’ll know all the answers!

I probably should wrap it up here. ¬†It’s getting late and I have a few more things I tidy up before I leave tomorrow…and because I’m in the city, I have to leave earlier than usual. ¬†I feel a long day coming on. ¬†At least my step count will be higher thanks to public transport!

Have a great day tomorrow ūüôā


Time to Change – Day Fifty

Wow, fifty days since I set my mind to dropping weight. ¬†Unfortunately it hasn’t gone as planned, and although I’ve lost a little bit, it’s nowhere near where I thought I’d be right now. ¬†A lot of that is just me losing focus, though like I’ve talked about over the past week, I’m starting to regroup and get back on track.

Today was the start of my weekend this week, as I had to work yesterday. ¬†I had a lot of plans, but in typical first-day-of-the-weekend fashion, I spent a majority of the day napping. ¬†I skipped breakfast (I know, that’s not a good start, I have no excuse other than time got away from me and I couldn’t find the effort to make anything). ¬†I headed off to my local nail salon to get my nails redone. ¬†They usually last me between 3-4 weeks if I stretch it, but counting back, this particular refill only lasted two. ¬†The main problem that I have is on one particular finger, whenever it gets slightly too long, the nail catches on absolutely everything. ¬†I don’t know what it is about that finger, but it’s basically like gauge of when I need to get back to the salon, and the finger was hurting like crazy so off I went.

I have a wedding next weekend so I knew I had to pick something that would go with the dress I bought. ¬†Plus, I’m always trying to avoid typical pink/red colours. ¬†I figure if I’m paying for someone to do them, I don’t want them to look like I could have done them at home. ¬†I know that even if they were pink, they’d still look professional, but it’s just a¬†thing¬†I have. ¬†I can’t explain it.

Anyway, after seeing the girl get it next to me last time, I decided to go with a orange-coral colour. ¬†When I first saw the girl getting it, I liked it but thought it wasn’t really my style. ¬†As the time approached where I knew I’d have to get my nails redone, I started seriously thinking about the colour (I like to go in there with some kind of idea of what I want or I’m there for half an hour trying to decide). ¬†I still wasn’t sure, but I decided I was going to try it. ¬†I knew it would look nice with the dress I was going to wear to the wedding, plus I wanted to try to do something a bit out of my comfort zone. ¬†I was used to having a normal colour topped with sparkles (which I still really like), but I’d done that for awhile and it was getting a little predictable. ¬†When the girl had finished up, I was really happy with the colour. ¬†Surprisingly happy. ¬†I thought I’d be okay with it, but I wasn’t sure I’d love it, and I really do! ¬†Plus, the girl sitting next to me saw the colour on my nails and changed her mind and decided she was getting the same colour instead of black which she’d originally requested.


My favourite part about the polish is what it looks like while in the UV machine though.  I wish they made nail polish that glowed like this all the time!


Apart from my trip to the nail salon, everything else has been fairly boring today. ¬†I found some awesome new blogs, then fell asleep on the couch. ¬†Tonight, I’m planning on doing some cleaning in preparation for the bi-yearly house inspection that’s happening on Thursday. ¬†I’m having Lite n Easy Chicken Parma for dinner. ¬†We’ll see how that goes. ¬†My friend thinks it’s nice and the previous two meals I’ve had were really good, so hopefully this is too! ¬†I’ve eaten pretty well today if you ignore the fact I didn’t eat breakfast. ¬†I had saltanas and Savoy crackers with peanut butter for lunch. ¬†My calorie count should be well and truely under today, which will make up a bit for yesterday’s cheat meal.

Oh, also worth mentioning, I jumped on the scale this morning (something I haven’t done all that frequently lately) and I’m almost back to the weight I was before I fell off the wagon. ¬†Looks like my fortnight of not caring didn’t hinder my efforts too much, which is great. ¬†I really think now that I’m eating portion-controlled, healthy meals for dinner (the main meal I had problems with), I will start losing weight steadily and not just in dribs and drabs. ¬†I hope so, anyway. ¬†It’s hard to find motivation when the scale stays the same!

Hope your day was just as relaxing as mine!
PS a big welcome to all the new followers from the past 48 hours ūüôā


Time to Change – Day Forty-Seven

Well, today was definitely better than yesterday! ¬†I’m feeling pretty good right now about everything. ¬†I’m even feeling wide awake, unusual for this hour.

I had my second day of training in the city.  Unlike yesterday, the trip in was wonderfully uneventful, aside from the fact it was raining so I had to drive to the bus stop.  Not a huge deal, though it did eat into my usual step count a little.  I arrived in the classroom right on time, and only one other person was there, so technically the 15 or so others were late.  After the dramas of yesterday, that made me feel awesome!

The training itself was okay. ¬†It wasn’t as interesting as yesterday overall, but it wasn’t totally boring either. ¬†It was more revolving around sales and customer service techniques that I’d learnt at induction, but it was a good kind of refresher. ¬†On top of that, there was a lot of group work so I got to know my future workmates a bit better, so that was cool.

For the most part, I ate really well today.  I started the morning with yoghurt and strawberries, blueberries and Chia seeds (I made sure I allowed myself time for it today!).  For lunch I had sultanas, an apple and light n crispy shapes Рthe same as yesterday, as that seemed to work well.  As an afternoon snack I was a bit naughty again and ate chocolate, but as I previously spoke about, it helps me get through all-day training sessions without getting a migraine.

The weather had been miserable all day, and we got a great view of it out the 14th story window. During the afternoon – towards the end of the session – news broke that there’d been damaging storms in some areas and a tornado warning IN MY SURBURB. ¬†I know I have a lot of readers from outside Australia so to you, that might not seem that crazy. ¬†Tornadoes very rarely happen down under. ¬†When they do, they most often happen in warmer climates such as Cairns or Queensland, and mostly happen in winter. ¬†I’ve never heard of one happening in Melbourne, in Spring, in a very non-coastal area. ¬†Especially when there’d been absolutely no lead up or prewarning. ¬†I wasn’t even aware it was set to storm today, much less THAT.

I knew the media had a very good track record of blowing things out of proportion (no pun intended) so I wasn’t too worried. ¬†I’d seen some blurry cam pics on social media of the tornado and while there was no denying it was one (or at least, looked like it), the pictures didn’t show it being near any populated areas. ¬†It’s not to say it wasn’t, I just didn’t want to stress over it, as the media hadn’t reported any damage to property or injuries to people, and they love to report that kind of stuff.

We got let out early from training after we struck up a deal with the trainer, so I was already on my way home by 5. ¬†By then, the rain had completely cleared and it was blue skies and sunny. ¬†I’m sure people think it’s an exaggeration when they hear “Melbourne can have 4 seasons in one day”. ¬†It’s not. ¬†If you had of flown in at 4.30pm today and someone told you there had been massive storms and tornadoes just hours before, you would have looked up at the pretty sky and warm sunshine and laughed at them. ¬†I walked onto my morning train damp and sticky from rain, I got off my afternoon train sweating. ¬†I’ve grown up with this crazy weather nonsense my whole life and I still can’t believe it.

These were taken within a couple of hours of each other!

Anyway, I digress. ¬†As I got off the train, I wasn’t sure what to expect. ¬†I’ve only ever seen tornado damage on huge scales on TV. ¬†Hell, even big storms can leave trees upended and cars damaged. ¬†Instead (as I half-suspected earlier), aside from some puddles, there was absolutely no evidence anything had happened at all. ¬†The station looked exactly as it had 10 hours prior, everyone at the station looked calm and unhurt. ¬†Maybe it didn’t affect this particular area, I thought, just in case I got home to half my house gone.

I looked intently out the window the whole bus trip, expecting at some point to see some damage. ¬†Nothing. ¬†No trees – or even branches – out of place, no construction sites upended, no roads flooded. ¬†Nothing. ¬†It looked like maybe there had been a sunshower awhile ago and that was it. ¬†Very anti-climactic, although I’m not complaining. ¬†I wasn’t exactly thrilled at the prospect of a random tornado blowing through my front door when I wasn’t home.

I was also relieved to see my big Lite N Easy order sitting neatly on my front door mat.  I was firstly worried it might have gotten damaged (or blown away completely) in the weather.  I was also concerned someone might steal it.  I guess the first problem kept the second one from being much of an issue.

I was so excited to open up the box and put it all away, and to pick my first meal. ¬†I was starving and spoilt for choice. ¬†I still couldn’t believe all these options were so healthy. ¬†After filling up my freezer, I decided it was gonna be good old mac and cheese tonight. ¬†7 mins in the microwave and it was done!

I was extremely surprised by it. ¬†Firstly, the portion size was great. ¬†It made about as much as your typical box of M&C, but with about half the calories. ¬†Very filling. ¬†Secondly, the taste. ¬†While I don’t think I’ve ever really had proper home made M&C to compare it with (it’s just not treated with the same appreciation as I hear it is in the States), I can tell you it tastes a lot better than any pre-packaged stuff I’ve had. ¬†“Of course it does”, I hear you cry. ¬†Keep in mind, not only is this low-cal, but comes frozen. ¬†In my mind the risk was pretty high it’d be on par with packet stuff, or potentially worse. ¬†Instead, it was some of the best I’ve had! ¬†If all my Lite n Easy meals are this good, they’ll have a customer for a long time to come. ¬†I don’t want to get too carried away just yet though. ¬†I’ll give my final verdict after I’ve had at least a few more meals!


So overall, a good day. ¬†Due to driving to the bus stop my step count was under 6000, but I think that can be forgiven since apparently it’s tornado season in my area. ¬†I punched in all my food into MyFitnessPal and basically broke even, so I’m not complaining. ¬†If it wasn’t for the chocolate I’d be well under! ¬†Still, I’m not complaining. ¬†This is the healthiest day I’ve had in about a fortnight and I feel like I’m slowly getting back on track!


Time to Change – Day Forty-Five

I’m struggling. ¬†I have officially hit the wall. ¬†For me (maybe for everyone, I don’t know) there is always a point where all my¬†good intentions and positive thoughts and motivation vanish. ¬†Sometimes, it happens suddenly. ¬†In this instance, it’s been more gradual, but it’s definitely happened, there’s no denying it.

About 90% of me wants to give up. ¬†Being fat sucks but it’s all I know. ¬†I’m not going to give up though. ¬†I’m allowing myself some time to refocus, as if I don’t I feel like I won’t be able to properly get back on board, then I’m going to get right back into it again. ¬†I need to.

I’m taking it a step further this time. ¬†Since I can’t trust myself to make healthy choices after a long day at work (this has become extremely apparent), I’ve ordered Lite N Easy for the first time in my life. ¬†My friends swear by it, and I think it will really help me, firstly because it’s calorie and portion controlled and also because I don’t have to cook it. ¬†It’s dead easy. ¬†A majority of my issues at dinnertime stem from the fact I really hate cooking. ¬†I mean, don’t get me wrong, when I say I hate cooking, I don’t mean all the time. ¬†If I’m relaxed or feeling creative, cooking is fantastic. ¬†I hate cooking, however, when I’m tired and hungry and grumpy. ¬†I hate it when it feels like a chore. ¬†So I really think Lite N Easy will be good for me. ¬†I’m really surprised about the meal choices too. ¬†That was one of the reasons I’d never done it previously – I was worried they wouldn’t have stuff I like, being a fussy eater. ¬†Instead, they have a huge selection and I feel a little spoilt for choice. ¬†I really hope it tastes as good as it looks in the pictures and doesn’t turn out to be the standard cardboard flavours of frozen dinners.

But what about breakfast and lunch? ¬†I hear you ask. ¬†I did consider going all out and ordering those meals as well, but having a look through the options, there were some that I didn’t particularly like the sound of, and this program isn’t exactly cheap. ¬†I guess there are more expensive options out there, but I didn’t want to spend big bucks on meals I wasn’t going to enjoy either. ¬†I find that during the day – provided I pre-plan and bring food from home – I’m generally okay with my eating habits. ¬†Even if I’m hungry, I’m working so I just have to suck it up. ¬†My plan is to eat healthy for breakfast – either eggs, weetbix or fruit & yoghurt – and have fruit for lunch. ¬†While probably not the most filling of meals, it’s healthy and easy. ¬†As I’ll soon be doing the long public transport commutes to my new job, I know even if I’m hungry by the time work ends, I won’t have the luxury of a sneaky trip through a Drive-Thru any more, which is generally what happens currently. ¬†Plus, I’ll be walking a lot more as part of the commute, so I think I’ll start losing weight again.

Aside from the new focus on dieting, nothing much has changed since my last post. ¬† It’s a public holiday today, so I’m getting paid to sit around at home in comfy clothes and catch up on my writing, which is great. ¬†I’ve got three days of training coming up, which generally I’d be dreading – and maybe I should be this time – but it sounds like it should be interesting. ¬†It’s all about the expectations and operations of my new store, as it’s going to be big and new on a scale they’ve only attempted once before. ¬†I love that I get to work in an environment that is all about embracing the future, and I see it as a great opportunity for experience and – hopefully – advancement. ¬†Plus, having such a huge team means I’ll no doubt wind up meeting some cool new people!

I’m procrastinating going grocery shopping. ¬†I’ve been putting it off since Saturday, and it’s crunch time as I’ve run out of dog food and need to go. ¬†I’m trying to hold out until at least 7pm, as trying to find a carpark there on a weekend or public holiday during the day is crazy. ¬†At least now I’ve ordered dinners for the next two weeks, my shopping trip should be pretty quick and easy!

Have any of you tried Lite N Easy (or other similar programs)?  Let me know what you think!


Time to Change – Day Forty-Two

Wow, it’s been a whole week since I blogged about my life. ¬†I knew it’d been awhile but I didn’t realize it’d been that long.

Another weekend is here and again, I’m so grateful for it. ¬†I really thought by now that I’d have started to readjust to full time work…I mean, I’d been doing it for four years prior to losing my job, and there was only a relatively short period of time in between that job and this. ¬†It’s been three weeks and I still get home every night absolutely exhausted. ¬†By the time the weekend finally arrives I wind up sleeping half the day. ¬†I initially assumed it was just because I was in learning mode all day and it was taking its toll, but each day I’m getting more competient and independent so I don’t think I can really blame that any more. ¬†I know it’s only going to get worse before it gets better as pretty soon I’m gonna have to start my public transport daily commute, which not only takes longer but is also more stressful and requires more exercise. ¬†The last part is good, don’t get me wrong, but will definitely deplete my energy levels more.

Anyway, it’s been a pretty good week overall. ¬†Much of the same of what I’ve been doing, but with more confidence this time around. ¬†So much so the guys trust me to help teach the other trainees (who have all been there longer than me). ¬†Lucky they didn’t take offence to that, because I probably would have if the roles had been switched.

I had my first aggro customer since starting there yesterday. ¬†It’s weird, at my old job as part of management I’d serve heaps of aggros and it was fine. ¬†I mean, not my favourite part of the job but I could do it. ¬†At my new job though I just couldn’t. ¬†She wasn’t even yelling, she was just really rude. ¬†I’d made the mistake, I guess that was part of it (I’d have never made a mistake like that at my old job, but the systems were much different there). ¬†I was really taken aback by the whole thing. ¬†I guess I’ve always had an issue with rude people to a certain point, even at my old job. ¬†There’s just something worse about it than yelling or swearing. ¬†I think it also came down to not having the confidence yet to believe what I’m saying. ¬†It didn’t help they were questioning everything I was doing which made me doubt myself. ¬†It was a stupid mistake I made, but in the whole big scheme of mistakes I could have made in this job, it was probably the least damaging possible. ¬†She didn’t see it like that though and I had to ask one of the other girls to help out. ¬†I just couldn’t deal with it. ¬†I suppose that’s what they wanted though – the second I said I was training they kept hounding me for stupid requests and questioning everything. ¬†They basically didn’t want to ask for someone else (heaven forbid that¬†might come across as rude) but they wanted me to feel obliged to get someone else. ¬†Why are people so horrible? ¬†I don’t know. ¬†Either way I ended my working week feeling frazzled and horrible. ¬†At least I learnt something out of it – double check everything, even if it seems simple!

My diet was very up and down. ¬†I’d eat a pretty good breakfast most mornings (strawberries and blueberries with no fat vanilla yoghurt and Chia and quinoa), then back it up with fruit for lunch. ¬†I just couldn’t see it through to dinner most nights and would wind up eating something really bad. ¬†It all comes down to how exhausted I’ve been…I just don’t have the energy to cook. ¬†My friends have been telling me to get onto Lite N Easy. ¬†I’ve been putting it off because it’s expensive, but I think I might have to bite the bullet and go onto it, just for dinners. ¬†I’m not losing any weight at all at the moment and it’s because I’m sabotaging myself at night. ¬†Plus if I don’t have the energy to cook now, I definitely won’t in a couple of weeks.

What else is new this week? ¬†I upgraded to the iPhone 6s Plus. ¬†I already had the 6 Plus but I wanted to move my number over so I could get my staff discount. ¬†I’d been waiting for it to come in stock and it finally did on Thursday. ¬†There isn’t heaps of differences (as expected) though I have noticed it’s a lot quicker to unlock with fingerprint unlock, and the camera is a lot better. ¬†3D Touch is pretty cool too, though I haven’t found a lot of use for it yet. ¬†It’ll no doubt be better once more apps support it. ¬†The best new feature of the phone though is the colour – rose gold is so pretty ūüíú

As part of my upgrade I also got a Sonos Play:1 WiFi speaker. ¬†I haven’t had a lot of time to put it through its paces but so far it seems pretty awesome. ¬†The set up was a bit of a pain. ¬†It needed to be connected to the modem via an Ethernet cable, and my modem is plugged in up high in my wardrobe. ¬†The speaker isn’t light so holding it awkwardly while trying to follow all the instructions was tough. ¬†Plus the instructions were vague at times so it took longer than it should have. ¬†Still, I got there in the end and it’s got decent sound quality for a semi-small speaker. ¬†My other annoyance is that it doesn’t support Apple Music (apparently it will by the end of the year but we’ll see) so it can only play the songs physically stored on my phone, or songs through other paid streaming services. ¬†A year ago it would have been fine because I used Spotify back then, but I made the switch to Apple Music and I’m not too keen to have to go back to Spotify just for the speaker. ¬†I guess I’ll just have to ride it out.

This week is going to be interesting. ¬†I’m in store again Monday, then it’s a public holiday Tuesday (yay extra sleep!), then I have 3 days of training (another round of it), then I’m working my first Saturday shift in store, which is going to be mental. ¬†At least the day will go by quickly. ¬†I guess I should get used to crazy though, my new store is probably going to be like that all the time.

I don’t think I have any more updates to add. ¬†I really need to find time to write more often! ¬†Hope everyone had a good week ūüėä


Time to Change – Day Thirty-Five

I can’t remember a time where I’ve appreciated a weekend more. ¬†At least, not in the past year or so. ¬†I can’t believe how tired work makes me. ¬†I guess it’s just trying to learn so many new things at once (coupled by the way the shop heats up so by the end of the shift I feel sweaty and sticky and horrible) but it still surprises me how draining it is after doing a similar job for so long.

Yesterday was another good day. ¬†Aside from maybe an hour, I worked independently and fairly confidently. ¬†Everyone is super friendly there and are all really easy to talk to and ask questions, which is really helping. ¬†I wound up putting through two contracts and had three add-ons for the day. ¬†The add-ons I’m especially proud of as I feel confident in selling them and processing them now, which I’m happy about as I feel like without knowing that, I’m dragging the store down with the contracts I was doing. ¬†Plus, I feel like it’s another big thing I can tick off my ‘Need to Learn’ checklist.

I was practically running for the exit at the end of my shift.  I was so pumped to be heading home for a relaxing couple of days.  I had a long sleep in this morning, then went out to lunch with my best friend.  It was nice to catch up, and I got some extra steps in walking around the shopping centre.  I came home, tried to tackle my overflowing TV shows that had been piling up all week, then had a long soak in the tub.

I also decided to bite the bullet and update my Facebook details to reflect my new job. ¬†I know this may sound mundane and not worth mentioning, but it was a big deal for me. ¬†Initially I wasn’t going to change it until after my probation (that’s still my plan for LinkedIn) but the original reason for me not updating it is so the people who threw me under the bus at my last job didn’t know where I was working. ¬†Well, that lasted a whole 3 days now that I’m working two shops away. ¬†Plus, I don’t have any of them on Facebook anyway and my profile is set to “Friends Only” for everything. ¬†On top of all that, in the week I’d been working in store, I’d had quite a few people spot me and come in and say hi. ¬†I figured it was about time everyone was let in on the change so I didn’t have to tell them individually. ¬†I just hope updating it doesn’t lead to issues down the line (my new job doesn’t know I got fired), but I’m 95% it’ll be fine. ¬†I deleted anyone who I thought might be an issue prior to doing it. ¬†I feel better for updating it, as it felt weird having my profile still saying I worked at my old work after how it all ended. ¬†I didn’t really want to be associated with that place any more. ¬†I’m trying very hard to close that chapter and this is another step towards it. ¬†Plus, now I’m slowly adding people from my new job, I was worried it would be confusing to them if it isn’t accurate. ¬†Can you tell I’m an overthinker?

Tomorrow is housework, a walk and grocery shopping…after another long sleep in, that is. ¬†I can’t seem to even make a dent in my sleep debt but I’m going to give it a good crack!

After I go grocery shopping I’m going to get back on my healthy eating plan. ¬†It’s been a terrible week with what I’ve eaten and how little I’ve been exercising and I need to get my focus back. ¬†I refuse to fall off the wagon completely. ¬†This is just a bump in the road. ¬†I need to keep it up so that in the future, I don’t have to look back and wish I did.



Time to Change – Day Thirty-Three

I’ve had another busy couple of days. ¬†It seriously feels like I’m making up for all my laziness over the past few months in one big hit. ¬†I’m enjoying it but it’s exhausting and a little overwhelming. ¬†I’m trying to adjust but I’m struggling and I can’t wait for the weekend so I can relax.

Yesterday I started doing most things alone at work. ¬†I decided anything I didn’t know I’d just try, and if I got stuck I’d ask questions. ¬†I know that makes some of the other staff a bit nervous but it’s the best way for me to learn – I struggle to focus when other people do it and I have to watch, and most of the staff don’t explain what they’re doing or slow down for me to learn properly. ¬†I don’t blame them – I’m sure when I was teaching new kids at my old job, I did the same thing. ¬†I think I did well, considering. ¬†It’s tough though. ¬†I feel pressured to do things fast as I don’t like to make customers wait and get annoyed they’re stuck with the trainee, but the systems are a lot more complicated than my old job and going fast sometimes just isn’t an option.

After work I had to go to training in the city. ¬†I’d only found out about this 24 hours before and I was in two minds about going at all. ¬†It was basic training on one of the products I’d been selling at my old job for years. ¬†I didn’t think I’d learn very much, and I dreaded the idea of having to go to it after a full day of work. ¬†I decided I’d probably better go. ¬†I was worried if I didn’t go I’d look bad, and I don’t want that if I’m aiming to get promoted sometime in the future. ¬†The training was long, dry and boring, as I was expecting. ¬†It didn’t finish until after 8pm and by the time I got home, it was after 9. ¬†I picked up some pizza on the way home, throwing my diet further off track, but there was no way I was cooking that late…especially when I had work at 9am the following day.

Needless to say, it was a struggle to get out of bed this morning. ¬†It doesn’t matter how much I’m enjoying work, I don’t do well on little sleep. ¬†I’d had weird dreams all night, which also didn’t help my mood. ¬†I headed in, feeling fairly average instead of my usual excited self. ¬†Luckily, my day actually turned out quite good. ¬†I ran into a couple of people from my old work who I’m still on good terms with, and they were really interested in what I’m doing now and happy to see me, which was really nice as I’m used to getting the cold shoulder from a lot of the people still there. ¬†Then I had lunch with another friend from my old work who isn’t there any more either. ¬†It was great to see him again. ¬†I also got to have a good talk today with my (temporary) manager about how I’m progressing at work and hear his suggestions on how to learn more. ¬†He was impressed with what I was already capable of doing by myself, and is really keen to get me filling in the learning gaps quickly, which is great because that was what I was hoping he’d say.

On the way home I stopped off at the automatic carwash, after procrastinating about it for months. ¬†I don’t care what anyone says, these things are the best. ¬†$10 and the car goes in filthy and comes out clean, and you get a cool show while it’s happening. ¬†I wish there was one closer to me…I guess maybe there is, but I haven’t seen it. ¬†I should probably take the time to find one, as I won’t be working in that area very much longer so it won’t be my local one any more. ¬†End of an era ūüė¶

My foot is starting to feel a bit better, finally. ¬†I still haven’t gotten back into my walks as it’s only just started coming good and I’m still worried I’ll do damage by pushing it. ¬†Hopefully by the weekend I’ll have a bit more confidence in it. ¬†My weight is back up a little but there’s no surprise there, with my diet and no exercise. ¬†I really need to get back into it, and will. ¬†I’m slowly starting to adjust to my working life, so by next week I should be right back into it.

One more day and I’ll be in relaxation mode! ¬†That’s the only thought that’s going to get me through tomorrow!


Time to Change – Day Twenty-Nine

Yesterday I had a good surprise come my way. ¬†I told you my luck is changing! ¬†I jumped on the scales, expecting bad news, as I’ve eaten very poorly over the past week while I was trying to re-adjust to working life. ¬†Instead, I’m at my lowest weight yet! ¬†Not by much, granted, and given that my weight fluctuates so much there’s a good chance it won’t stay that low for long, but still…it was a very happy surprise! ¬†I knew I’d been doing a lot more steps during the week, what with catching public transport and working in the city, but I thought I’d counteracted all that by eating fast food for lunch each day. ¬†I guess not!

Apart from that pleasant surprise, yesterday was a pretty good day overall, although it was a little hectic for my liking (given that’s I’m back to the standard two days a week off). ¬†I slept in a little, then got up, went to get my nails done – purple and sparkly this time! – then hit up the grocery store as I wanted to try banana M&Ms and banana Tim Tams (I’m obsessed with banana flavoured anything), and then across the road to get some “get well” balloons for later on. ¬†[Side note for Australians: Banana Tim Tams are amazing, banana M&Ms are okay but not fantastic.]

IMG_0740 IMG_0747

Once that was done, I headed to mum’s and then we headed off on an hour drive to visit my grandma in hospital. ¬†As I mentioned here, she was diagnosed with cancer last week. ¬†They operated on her a few days ago, though with her dementia, she often can’t remember it, as I predicted. ¬†She was looking pretty good when we got there, sitting up in a chair by the window, watching a massive tree slowly get cut down at a property across the road from the hospital. ¬†She was as talkative as always, and just as forgetful. ¬†She switched from talking about the operation and going home, to asking when the operation was. ¬†At one point she was so convinced she hadn’t had it yet that my mum had to show her the scar. ¬†This apparently happens quite a lot. ¬†My parents and uncle are talking about putting her in respite care prior to her going home, as they’re worried she’ll get home and forget all about what happened, then lift something heavy or do something she shouldn’t and do damage to her scar. ¬†As my grandpa passed away last year, she lives by herself, and she’s always been very independent (probably where I got it from!) so her staying with one of us is probably not an option as she’d refuse, and one of us staying there isn’t ideal either as she lives an hour and a half away. ¬†Still, I think she’ll be very frustrated in respite care. ¬†Her independence will feel like it’s in jeopardy. ¬†Not much anyone can do though, really…a bit of a blow to her self-esteem is better than a stomach full of popped stitches. ¬†Plus, once she gets out of care, she probably won’t remember too much about it anyway, so I guess that’s a plus.


After we got back from the hospital, I headed straight home to go to a house warming. ¬†I’d gotten ready, jumped in the car and gotten all of about two streets away when I get a text from one of my friends I was meeting there saying she’d been held up and would be about an hour late. ¬†As the other friends I knew were going to be as late as that too, I turned around, headed home and killed time. ¬†That’s one of the pitfalls of being shy and introverted…you absolutely cannot be the awkward person at the party who doesn’t know anyone. ¬†It’s way too stressful. ¬†I got a message about half an hour later asking if I could pick my friend up at the station on the way. ¬†Another introvert secret – we love having an excuse to turn up to a party with someone else! ¬†I said yes and headed out. ¬†Even with navigation, I still always manage to get lost. ¬†Sometimes it’s my fault for diverting from the map, and sometimes it’s the nav’s fault for being vague or misleading. ¬†Last night, it was the nav’s fault for being vague. ¬†I missed the turn off and wound up getting stuck for 15 minutes on one of my least favourite stretches of road ever. ¬†Worse than that, because I didn’t know exactly where the station was, I also drove right past it, and where I was isn’t very forgiving when that happens, especially on a busy Saturday night. ¬†There weren’t any parks, I couldn’t find side street to turn down and the roads were narrow and packed which added to my stress levels. ¬†Worse, when I finally found side streets to turn down (kilometres away from the station), they were all one-way. ¬†Seriously?! ¬†My friend called me and asked where I was, and I could only give her vague answers because I legitimately didn’t know. ¬†I wound up driving around some more, and between me basically doing a circle of the block and her notching up her step count, we finally managed to meet up, a good half an hour later.

By the time we arrived at the house warming we were an hour later than we initially planned, but our other friends had only just turned up so it was all good in the end. ¬†It was fantastic to see them all again as it had felt like¬†forever,¬†and we chatted away like no time had passed at all. ¬†Before we knew it, it was time to head off. ¬†I had to drop my friend to her partner’s place right in the heart of the CBD (did I mention how much I hate the city?!), which was fine up until she jumped out of the car. ¬†Then I was alone with my nav again…and my nav hates the city just as much as me. ¬†It basically managed to get me on one side of the bridge, do a massive U-turn through the city, then get back on the other side. ¬†I’m still not sure how it managed that. ¬†I missed one turn but as far as I’m aware, it wasn’t one that led straight to the bridge, so it shouldn’t have caused major issues like that. ¬†Then again, I’m the most directionally-challenged person ever, so maybe it was a bigger deal than I thought?

Anyway, what should have taken me about 40 minutes took me over an hour, but I finally got home. ¬†It was the latest I’d been out in a very long time, but I’d had a great time and I’m so happy I finally got to see those guys again. ¬†They make me so happy.

This morning I slept in a little again, got up, tried to catch up on some of my TV shows that had piled up during my busy week, planning after a few episodes to get some housework done. ¬†Instead, I had a long soak in the tub, then got out, put on another episode and promptly fell asleep. ¬†I woke up 3 hours later feeling refreshed but guilty – I hadn’t exercised, done housework, put a dent in my TV shows or even eaten properly. ¬†I didn’t dwell on it though. ¬†My slept debt had been pretty huge after this week, so it wasn’t massively surprising I’d fallen asleep. ¬†I got up, put some washing on, made a very late lunch and re-watched the TV show I’d fallen asleep through. ¬†Now I’m sitting in the sun, blogging, glad it’s not too hot. ¬†I might go for a walk later, although my foot is still giving me issues. ¬†I’ll see how I feel. ¬†I’d really only be going for the dog’s sake, as if it were up to me, I’d be resting my foot in preparation for tomorrow and the rest of the week. ¬†I just feel bad because now I’m working full time again, the dog is being left alone a lot, which makes me want to take her for her beloved walks. ¬†Decisions.

Like I mentioned, I’m back at work tomorrow, my first full week of being at my new job out of training. ¬†I’m really looking forward to it. ¬†The team is awesome and I feel like within a couple of days I should be right to do a lot of things without help. ¬†I can’t wait for that. ¬†I feel like such a bother having to tag along with other people. ¬†I know it’s inevitable and part of a new-job experience, but it still sucks. ¬†I guess it’s just my fierce independence showing through again. ¬†I hate relying on other people for things! ¬†Hopefully it’ll go well ūüôā